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Cement Panel

AVAYO Cement panels are fabricated with a top steel sheet welded to a formed steel bottom fan filled internally with a light weight cementatious material which is totally encased with in the steel welded shell. The steel shell is protected from corrosion by applying epoxy paint. The panel sizes are either 600x600 mm or 500x500 mm size and are available in bare finish options like antistatic High Pressure Laminationor Vinyl finish.
Three different systems are available with Cement Panels which are:

  1. Built-in-Trunking System
  2. Corner Lock System
  3. Stringer System

Panel Specification

The top of the panel is a plane surface and the press formed structural cell domes in the bottom welded to the plate. This design ensures proper distribution of load towards all sides of the panel.

Panel Type :  Cement Panel
Size :  600x600mm or 500x500mm
Construction :  Welded Steel
Core material :  Light Weight cement
Top Finish :  Bare finish or Antistatic HPL or Vinyl
Panel Thickness :  32-35mm
Edge Protection : PVC edging for antistatic finish (optional)
Rating :  Class 0