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Green concept stands at the core of AVAYO manufacturing. We designed our production to achieve best optimization of materials and energy. This is done by specifying the production process with energy and environmental considerations. The advanced technology machineries reduce power consumption by regulating the usage and minimizing wastage. Use of recycling materials where ever possible and time to time improvement in the process towards eco-friendly process leads out thrives to Green aspect of the company.

Process –
  • Maximize productivity by optimize resources.
  • Continues improvement in process to minimize wastage both in energy and materials.
  • Proper and timely maintenance to ensure best output.
  • Maximize use of recycled materials.
  • Minimize waste.
  • Ensure low energy consumption at all process including for machinery, motors, lighting etc.
  • Ensure proper emission of heat.
  • Usage of proper and accurate materials to reduce energy consumption.
  • Periodic maintenance for plant and machinaries.