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Raised Floor manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia

Elevated floor system also termed as access floor system is a raised structural floor that is stabilized over a solid substrate. A raised floor system creates a gap ideal for running electrical wiring and HVAC ducts. Heating and cooling with a raised flooring system is more efficient. The empty space between the panels and the floor acts as a path for conditioned air throughout the building, when warm air rises, heating the building from the access floor gap during the winter is more efficient. Raised access floor type also has better sound and fire protection than other systems.

Largest factory in Middle East for Raised Flooring

Raised floors are ideal for Computer rooms and other IT spaces, General open office areas, Training and conference areas, Exhibit spaces, Support spaces for offices etc... Raised floors also provide an added extra in flexibility.

Avayo manufactures Raised floor in comply to fire rating standards like ASTME84 ASTM E119 , BS476, NFPA etc. Avayo has stragtegic partnerships with vendors across the globe to provide the desired top finishes for our clients.

Raised Floor Factory Saudi Arabia

Types of Raised Access Floor From Avayo

Avayo manufactures all forms of raised floor available in the industry from light weight to extra heavy duty raised floor panels . Raised Floor Panels to satisfy the loading requirement 2.5kn, 3.5kn, 4.5kn, 5.5kn upto 11kn
We also manufactures encapsulated raised access floor upon special request.
Avayo follows the best practices in Raised floor manufacturing adhering to global standards CISCA, ANSI ASTM etc.

1) Cement Core Raised Access Floor

Cement core raised floor consist of top and bottom steel welded to each other with cement infill all raised floor panels are 600x600mm.

2) Wood Core Raised Access Floor

Wood Core Raised Floor also known as Chipboard Access floor has a steel sheet glued to the wooden core.

3) Calcium Sulphate Raised Access Floor

Calcium Sulphate Raised Access floor also known as fiber reinforced access floor and synthetic anhydrite access floor consists of steel sheet glued to calcium sulphate core.

4) Perforated Raised Access Floor

Perforarted Raised Floor also know as airflow panels are made up either steel or aluminum to permit the free flow of air, we manufacture perforated panels with 20%, 30%, 40%, 56%, 65% and 70% airflow.
Avayo has its own Factory to manufacture the accessories for raised floor like pedestal, stingers ,gaskets etc.

Various top finish Offered by Avayo for false flooring

Most of the Raised Floor requirement we receive is with request for factory bonded top finish we offer our clients a wide variety of top finishes for their Raised Access Floor requirement below are some of it.

PVC/Vinyl Finish Access Floor

We offer PVC with ESD properties Antistatic, Dissipative, conductive, solas certified vinyl top finish to our raised floor panel with thickness staring from 2 mm ,3mm etc.

High Pressure Laminate/ HPL Finish Access Floor

We offer Antistatic, NEMA certified HPL finish to our raised floor panel with thickness staring from 1.2mm, 2mm and 3mm etc.

Ceramic, Porcelain , Marble ,Granite and Rubber Finish False Floor

Based on customer requirement we can provide any of the above top finish on our raised floor panel.

Linoleum Finish Access Floor

Avayo Raised floor also comes with linoleum top finish.

Carpet Finish Access Floor

Avayo Raised floor also come with factory bonded carpet top finish design and brand can be selected by the end user.

Bare Top Finish Access Floor

We do offer bare finish to the customer if they have some specific design ideas which has to be completed onsite.

Raised Floor Saudi Arabia
Maximize the potential of indoor space with Raised Access Floor

Create the high quality data center or commercial office environment with an raised access floor from AVAYO. Our largest collection of highly adaptable, cost-effective access flooring is the best option for your needs.

Marking the floor out

In a first stage, per premise, two rows of full tiles should be placed at right angles. Make sure that these rows are not placed against the walls. These floors should be placed with great precision and at the desired height. The remaining spaces against the walls will be adapted according to the measurements and fitted out after the central surface has been completely covered.

Installation & Maintenance

Method of Installation

As a manufacturer, AVAYO offers materials to the projects/sites through our authorized distributors or integrators who are trained and authorized to do the integration part and are to follow AVAYO installation manual.

Method of raised floor installation varies in various applications. In a normal office setup where the finish floor height (FFH) is below 300mm, a stringer less installation is possible. For datacenters and equipment rooms with more loading capacity, a stringer system is recommended. When the floor height need to achieve height of 1 meter and more, heavy duty stringer based pedestal system to be installed. More over brazing also required for high floor condition.

Pre Installation Jobs

Make sure that all pre-installation jobs are completed and site is ready for Raised Floor installation. The following jobs need to be coordinated before installation of Raised Floor. Anti-dust painting: Treat with a semi-mat, high-resistance, anti dust paint. This Paint will be applied in one or two layers according to the Manufacturers Instruction which should be compatible with glue used for installation of Pedestals. Ensure this job is completed as it cannot be done after installation.

Trunking Installation: Proper coordination is required here else there will be collision in both works.
Cool Air Duct Works: Height of flooring and air opening need to arrange accordingly.
Ceiling Works: This has to be finished before starting Raised Floor work.

Advantages of Raised Floor System

Raised floors are fire rated

Fire is suppressed from floor to floor

It leads to reduction in the cost of construction

Raised floor system are suitable for cable management

Acoustic isolation is another advantages offered by raised floor system

The extra cost of covering used for covering floors will no longer be needed

Heating and cooling a building with a raised flooring system is more efficient

Avayo Raised Access floors are approved in GCC by Government organisations and Corporates

Raised Floor Top Seller Saudi Arabia