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Raised Floor System

Built – in-Trunking System
Built – in-Trunking System
Built – in-Trunking System

Built – in-Trunking System

Raised Floor with Trunking system made of cement tiles with cable tanks surrounded each tiles or alternative tiles facilitating very efficient cable management solution for offices, banks computer labs, commercial towers etc. Low profile and high profile systems are available in built-in Trunking System.

In low profile trunking system, the height of the total system can be achieved in a range of 35 mm to 80 mm. This is an ideal solution where the roof height is low or the allotted floor provision less than 100 mm. Each tile is surrounded by cable tanks and the cable termination is possible trough the specially designed floor boxes. The rod type pedestals glued to the floor and the cable tanks covers fix in the slots, installation makes very easy for this system. The tiles can be available either in 600x600mm size or in 500x500mm size and are ready to accept any top finish like carpet or parquet. Floor box installation is very easy in this system as it can be installed by removing any of the top cover of cable tank.

 Where ever the height need to be above 100mm, high profile trunking system suggested. In this  system, 500x500mm cement tiles fixed on corner lock pedestals with cable tanks surrounded. The  design of cable tanks can be either next to each tile or after alternative tiles. The top cover of cable  tanks fixed with screws. The maximum height of this system can be 200 mm.

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