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Raised Floor System

Perforated  Panels

Perforated Panels

Perforated panels are made of complete steel panels or aluminium panels in 600x600mm size to achieve an airflow level of 20,30 and 40 %. Steel square tube or aluminium tubes are welded on the bottom of a steel or aluminium sheet and makes perforations as required .Top finish can be anti static HPL or Vinyle and edge are fixed with conductive trim.

Sub Structure

Adjustable pedestals in pressed and galvanized steel with an adjustment field from 3 cm to 5 cm normally and for special cases it can be up to 10cm vertical adjustment. Rectangular base of pedestal with min. size 95mm x 95mm / 3.5mm thick with 4 strengthening ribs and 4 holes to permit mechanical fixing if required. Head of 100 mm diameter 3 / 3.5mm thick cold pressed and cut shaped with 8 radial branches which constitute the support for the stringers. The profile of the branches is appropriately shaped to permit Snap-On connection and lateral locking of the end of the stringers which from the octagonal grid( For cementitious panels, the head designed in square shape). Each branch has a hole to permit the screw fixing to the stringers to the head if required. The other 4 branches are available for supporting diagonal stringers where these may be required for particularly onerous loading requirements. The Bottom center section of the head is expanded into a threaded rod section for vertical adjustment which engages with the 1.5 check nut in order to prevent the latter from rotating. The tube section of 25mm diameter, 2mm thick, the length of which depends on the floor height required, continuously welded to the base of pedestals. Conductive rigid plastic head gasket to dampen noise and vibrations with 4 legs on the top provides lateral location of the panels. The pedestals are set in link with distance of 600x600 mm for the fixing of pedestals. Galvanized steel pedestal either glued to the sub floor with adhesive or mechanical fixing of with pedestal base using  2mm steel screws. 


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